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Welcome to the Unified Mindfulness Wiki

The UM Wiki serves as a resource for the most up-to-date definitions, terms, techniques, and formulation of the Unified Mindfulness meditation system.

About the UM Wiki

The UM Wiki is the culmination of years of working with Shinzen Young, the designer of the UM meditation system, to ensure that his teachings will be freely accessible and kept up-to-date in a centralized location available to anyone in the world.

All definitions offered in this living resource have been created in close collaboration with Shinzen and have met with his final approval. They will be updated in collaboration with him as needed.

A navigational framework will be added to the UM Wiki later this summer, which will make it easier to use it as a study aid, and an enhanced version of the UM Wiki with additional rich content will be launched later this year.

Thank you to Certified Unified Mindfulness Trainer Eric Carroll for his technical expertise in coding and Wikis and for seeing this project through to publication, to all UM Trainers and staff who have contributed, and to all of you for your passion and dedication to mindfulness practice. Whether you teach explicitly or not, the ripple effects of your practice are valuable and important beyond measure.

The team at Unified Mindfulness is honored to have been entrusted with this important work and is dedicated to continuing to support and promote the Unified Mindfulness system worldwide.